10 Lifestyle Hacks 2021
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The human race is always subjected to changes that occur now and then. However, the recent COVID-19 situation has blurred days and months, where individuals have quarantined themselves remotely or at home. At first instance, this seemed like a lifelong dream as the daily work-life hustle, commute, communication, meeting, and deadlines were all going to come to a standstill and a rise of the new normal was born. Defining this routine, individuals started adapting to a different lifestyle and initially grew fond of this new way of living yet this didn’t last long. People started experiencing immense workload, trouble maintaining the work-life balance, and also many technical difficulties like a lag in-network and more. This in turn raised many questions as to how one should set a COVID-19 enabled routine and look for tips and tricks to survive the new normal. Let’s dive in and find out ten of the most useful lifestyle hacks this season:

  • An Organized Work Schedule will Reap Best Outcomes

We always hear people say, stay organized, manage your time well, or make a to-do list, and more. However, many times one tends to avoid these simple tasks and bears its following consequences. So, always remember as tedious as it sounds, a list, plan, or strategy is the way to go about every work-from-home day. Organize and Reorganize your calendar to fit in your schedule and try to stick to it for a maximum amount of time. Also, allot time for each task and try to complete the necessary task in that period. So, this way a proper work from home routine is set, the deadlines are met, and you are prepared for your day.       

  • Workout Daily at least for 20 Minutes a Day

Fitness is important, not just physical health but also your mental health. So, remember to take some time for some exercise. A quick yoga routine or run on the treadmill is always better than none. So, squeeze in 20 times in your calendar and get started with working out daily. A workout regimen is essential at this hour, it offers one peace of mind, relaxes our muscles, and prepares one for the long day. Also, meditating daily calms our rushing thoughts and cleanses our soul to have a fresh start. So, take one step at a time and make it a habit to include a form of exercise in your daily lives.   

  • Your own Work-from-Home Station

If your house has an office, then well and good but if it doesn’t then set up a work-from-home station dedicated completely for work. Remember, a clean desk is the most attractive one. When you have your station where you have a desk with multiple drawers to keep your files, books, or stick your to-do list and notes, it will be efficient throughout your day to work stress-free. A small corner around the house will be more than sufficient to fit a desk and chair. So, find one and set it up accordingly.  

  • Communication is the Key

As we all know, working from home is tough for many reasons with everyone located remotely around the globe, it is imperative to communicate extensively. A one-on-one conversation with your team members or managers will make your work a smooth sail. The more one communicates the more comfortable one becomes with their team members. So, communicate as much as possible be it on call, text, or email, and gain excellent communication knowledge and skills. 

  • Keep Distractions at Bay 

It’s difficult to keep our phones aside when a notification pops out; it not only gains our attention, the minute the sound buzzes but also distracts us for a considerate amount of time. So, the solution to this is using the Pomodoro technique or any other technique which best suits you. The Pomodoro technique is working for 25 minutes at stretch followed by a 5 minutes break. This way you can be your focus and also get time to check your phone or address any other activity in the 5 minutes break.   

  • Take Sufficient Breaks

Workload, pressure, deadlines, targets, and more are all part of our day-to-day work lives. In all this, one often forgets to take a break and works continuously around the clock without even realizing it. This often leads to more stress and that in turn causes mistakes at work. Hence, to avoid this remember to take a break, be it 2, 5, or 10 minutes one, but a small break is more effective than none helping you to jump back to work with enthusiasm.   

  • Healthy Meals

Being at home increases the rounds to the kitchen and then slowly making our way to the fridge. That one chocolate or cookie doesn’t do any harm we all think, but when that one time becomes every time, then it’s time to stop the junk. Remember to plan your meals as that will help keep you track of what goes on your plate, eat your greens, fruits, veggies, and proteins while enjoying a wholesome and delicious home-cooked meal. Ordering online once in a while is fine but daily, that ruins your health in the longer run. Eating healthy helps you feel energetic, makes you look refreshed, and maintains overall well-being. On the other hand, eating junk makes one feel lethargic, which spoils the rest of the day. So, balance it out and eat good food.  

  • A Weekend Plan

The new normal has changed our work lives drastically, every day feels the same and by the time we know, it’s a weekend and we are still working. In this case, you end up feeling like every day is the same story and hence there is no excitement of work or fun. So, take a day off and celebrate your weekend the way you want. It’s your time to unwind and rewind. Make the most of it and get back to work with a bang. 

  • Family Time

When we are all at home locked inside our rooms at the end of the day all one is left with is their family. Be it your family, close friends, or neighbors, spending time with them will always make you feel happy and make more memories. Making time for kids, trying new activities with them, playing a cool game like a treasure hunt at home can make our bond stronger and healthier ensuring an easy and light-hearted atmosphere. A happy family is the best family.      

  • Getting a Hobby

One can’t emphasize this enough, adapting to this new normal has almost been an alien concept for the majority of us. As everything becomes monotonous after some time, one has to indulge in some sort of activity to bring back their tired minds. So, what better time than now to install a hobby and get started with it? Everyone at once has a regret of starting something that they have always wished to do but never had time for, well, the time is now. Take up some hobby, do that business, start taking those classes, there is no time like the present. Being stuck at home and quarantined in our homes can help us fill that void of trying out new things and learning to be exploring different paths.   

So, here’s a look at 10 of these lifestyle hacks, which will make your new normal a win-win situation.