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We all know being a leader is not everyone’s cup of tea. Leadership is a challenging role that only a few are good at. Leaders are not born, leaders are made, it is a long yielding process that requires time, patience, and perseverance. There is no doubt that for any organization to grow we need first growing leaders. They take the responsibility on their shoulders to expand the company and lead by example for others too.

If you want to be a leader- the most important aspect is to follow in the footsteps of many top-notch leaders. To become a leader, one must always look up to a leader. It is when we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals, we inculcate their habits and skills. These types of resources set a tone for our future role and give us the vision to take action and execute it with our sheer performance.

Here are five additional takeaways to inherit from the top-notch leaders:

  • The biggest Takeaway to learn from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet is Focus

Yes, according to both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, Focus is the most important aspect of becoming a leader. Our focus drives us to take action and produce the results we want. When you are focused on one thing, it is guaranteed to work and reap great profits. Both Gates and Buffet say one should always focus on the one thing that they are best at. Focusing on one thing at a time makes us become the best at it. As we all know, Bill Gates is best at software and Warren Buffet is best at investing/stock market because both focused 100% on it from the start. They both stuck with skills that were their strongest, took dedicated action, and executed each task as a top priority.

  • The most important takeaway from Elon Musk is to value Communication and also be Adaptable

At the core of executing all operations efficiently and doing teamwork lies communication, Elon Musk urges his employees to communicate as conveniently as possible. In 2018’s internal letter sent to Tesla employees, Musk-the founder and CEO of some of the most innovative organizations had asked his employees to value communication and make communication a smooth process. He further elaborated to ignore any sort of “chain of command” and asserted that communication should take the shortest route necessary to get a job done. He believes that poor communication results in a major source of issues and create unwanted challenges. Hence, the way to solve this is to follow a free flow of information between all levels.

The hierarchy of an organization from employee to manager to director to VP, and more should take a back seat and one should directly approach the respective person and make the right thing happen. Also, Musk aims at constantly keeping his team on their toes and staying updated with recent advancements as this ensures their adaptability in all situations.

  • The greatest takeaway from Jeff Bezos is to Insist on the Highest Standards

As a leader, one should believe in themselves and take risks. One of the risks is to set remarkably high standards even if others around do think they are unachievable. This way you are motivated to achieve most of your goals on a maximum level. When we tend to have high expectations from ourselves, we make it a point to outdo ourselves and get more done regularly. However, this should not hamper the quality of work at any cost and ensure an improved performance across all roles with your organization.

  • The most meaningful takeaway from Steve Jobs is to follow Excellence, not Money

Not only do we get stuck in the rat race but also become a part of the money race. What we earn is directly proportional to our skills and talent- hence one should always concentrate on improving their abilities to the peak. Just like Jobs, who was dedicated to his ideas to steer up his innovation and turn them into exciting future opportunities. The huge dollars didn’t steal his attention- he simply focused on providing best-in-class services and products that also bring money and success. The key is to keep it real and simple- work hard to yield greater returns and turn your start-up into a well-known brand.

  • The valuable takeaway from Mark Zuckerberg is to Experiment and stay out of our Comfort Zone

As a leader, you have to make tough choices, take decisions, and stay strong in face of all hurdles. More importantly, above all this- leaders always need to step out of their comfort zone and choose the unconventional path in this cut-throat competitive world. Learn to experiment, explore, and discover new things about yourself from time to time. This will make you more aware of your changing behaviors and add new layers of characteristics to your leading personality. Mark recalls that taking calculated risks has worked out in his and the company’s favor most of the time. He always tries to leave his comfort zone behind and take odd decisions to be at the top of the game.

These were the five important takeaways from the best leaders of the world. Keep in mind everything is possible in this world if you put your mind to it. So, take action and see the results.