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Alejandra Guzman

A Stellar Performer Enhancing the Economic Development for the Future Generations

In this challenging world striving for dreams can be daunting and complex. Turning these dreams into realities is a far-fetched task, but here comes the roles of the fierce leaders, who are making this is a possibility. In the quest of accomplishing her goals, Alejandra Guzman is one such adroit leader, who has transformed her visions into a living dream.

Her genius mind is one of its kind, which sows blossoming ideas that reap into fruitful innovations. Zeal, Potent Drive, Skillset, Eye for Curiosity are some of the key elements that define Alejandra’s personality. She is a keen spectator, who can understand patterns in external events and develop long-range explanatory perspectives. Alejandra’s creative traits come into play for resolving and tackling challenges successfully. She aims to become a better version of herself with constant self-improvement and looks forward to adding meaningful information and create awareness for the existing times.

The Journey to the Forefront

Initially, Alejandra spearheaded projects budgeted at or below $3 million, which has benefitted more than 52,000 people. She has promoted urban and community development for real estate projects valued more than $200 million and lead risk management for assets over $400 million. This included integrating and implementing urban, community, and political strategies into a core business model for the company.

She has held a position at Capital Natural, a leading management and administration firm for private equity funds and real estate investment projects operating in Mexico. She has successfully led a multi-sector team of staff and consultants to promote a public-private partnership focusing on urban regeneration and mobility within the city of Monterrey, Mexico.

In 2016, I began targeting efforts to the +350,000 members of the Greater New Orleans Community, whom I serve daily through the New Orleans Business Alliance as Vice President, Real Estate. Alejandra feels grateful to be able to contribute to the economic development of New Orleans. He believes that economic development promotes well-being, quality of life and the opportunities to develop human potential. “Creating the right conditions for this is a complex task that requires the participation of various sectors within our community, a holistic and deliberate approach that should be centered on people. I come to my job every day with the motivation that I am contributing to the wellbeing of my own family and thousands of people in our city”, concludes Alejandra.

The Role of the Vice President

Experiences shape one into established individuals, since the beginning of her career, Alejandra focused in developing and operating inter-sectorial partnerships that combine nonprofits, government agencies, and private sector organizations working towards solving community and economic development challenges internationally. More impressively, over the years, she has steered major positions contributing to her extensive experience and worked on numerous projects, especially associated with Economic Developments. Her abilities like blending the technical and soft skills, further advancements of the soft skills, working with a wide variety of stakeholders have given her the key insights of taking up leadership roles.

Alejandra is the Vice President of New Orleans Business Alliance. She is proud to hold this position and considers it to be an important milestone for her because it allows her to nurture the livelihood of thousands and mark a potential difference. There are individuals from different walks of life and communities, be it employees, workforce, or infrastructure, these folks come together in a system, interact with each other, and foster the economic development of the region. Through this role, she can connect with leaders of all sectors of society and boost the economy and raise equivalent questions as: How can our city yield more positive outcomes for all urban residents, small business owners, and long-term stakeholders? What can we do to catalyze and accelerate more growth in the lower-income and/or higher crime neighborhoods? How do we ensure that all members of our communities are involved in these discussions, so we can create move inclusive economic opportunities?

“Although New Orleans is constantly on the go and has the spirit of continual re-invention that animates American cities, we have to continue to make ourselves the hard questions, and create a plan, to remain on a trajectory of equity and growth”, concludes Alejandra.

The Winning Moments

When it comes to success, there is no such thing as good luck, only hard work, and preparation to seize the opportunity when it comes knocking on your door.

Alejandra has achieved many benchmarks and recognitions in her career. Her committed performance and principled work ethical approach have won her many awards. Here are a few of them:

  • Designing and executing corporate social responsibility programs that reach 52,000 people each year in Latin America.
  • Developing economic development programs that have reached 10,000 people in New Orleans.
  • Being a voice that promotes economic and community development best practices through various channels and reaching 50,000 + people annually.Online Prior Authorization and Claims Adjudication.

Tackling Hurdles Efficiently

Every profession comes with challenges and the type of roles Alejandra has held requires mastering the balance of blending technical and relationship skills. Most of her positions have required an understanding of a complex web of internal and external relationships in which, she had to act simultaneously as a diplomat, influencer, team player, leader, and listener. When it comes to economic development, one has to be meticulously working with fellow professionals to accomplish major goals. Also, Alejandra reminisces the time, when she had to lead a multi-sector group of senior consultants for the design and execution of an urban development proposal that required her to understand when to switch from a leader to a follower.

The project required that I assemble a very specific set of skills and professionals including traffic and mobility engineering, architectural and landscape design, and sustainable real estate. Given the high-end nature of our real estate investments, we hired senior consultants, top in their field. Although I was ultimately responsible for leading our project, it was critical that I had the capability to step aside and follow the lead of technical experts to deliver a successful project.

To master the various career challenges resourcefully, Alejandra believes to invest thoroughly in professional development. Professionals need to have a clear understanding of their skills, work according to the need of the hour, and prepare one’s next move. Also at the Business Alliance, the company faces many difficulties with each passing day. Resolving these hitches and surpassing the competition is a must to succeed in the longer run. The company makes sure that all its programs include data-driven solutions, in case of business recruitment, particularly retail, it uses the best consumer analytics tools in the market to prepare pursuit packages. “We make sure that when we recruit a business, we deliver reliable data that will prove the probability of success in our market.”

A Sneak-Peak with the Ongoing Momentum

Alejandra’s area of interest lies in real estate development, one of the many reasons, she is fond of this industry is for its versatile nature. It integrates a wide variety of disciplines such as architecture, finance, community development, landscaping, engineering, and many others. To keep with the trends, she has joined organizations such as the Urban Land Institute and the U.S. Green Building Council, which are excellent platforms to stay up to date with trends. Also, attending key conferences is a great way of keeping in touch with the trends.

A Word about the Future

Through the New Orleans Business Alliance, she is working to develop a strategy that includes real estate to promote development in disinvested communities. In the upcoming times, one particular program to leverage is Opportunity Zones, this is a federal program designed to drive investment to communities which lack critical investment. It provides an incentive for investors to re-invest their capital gains into financial vehicles.

“I see a lot of potential in New Orleans and my objective is to have investors also see this and help them find success in our community. With the right projects in place, our local community will be able to enjoy better services and a great quality of life. In the near future, I’ll be looking forward to reporting the success of this program and the impact on our community”, concludes Alejandra.