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Coronavirus Pandemic: The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down; the virus has spread with lightning speed with every little room for recovery. However, with time, there are some signs of relief; the hard-hit countries are now in a state of control trying to bounce back to the new standards of living. Also, some cities, towns, and states, which are not majorly affected, have already opened their respective businesses, public areas including parks and malls are currently functioning with few safety standards.

Knowledge is the best weapon for invisible threats and most recently; this is the need of the hour. The global pandemic has restructured the way of living for us popularly known as The New Normal. Wearing masks and gloves, practicing social distancing, and sanitizing are all the new standards of living a safe life. To safeguard oneself, every individual should abide by the rules and regulations put forth by their respective Governments. Today, the arrival of such a global pandemic has destroyed economies within no time and also with no cure in sight. With so much uncertainty, the only ideal option available is to welcome the new world standard.

Methods to Protection while Stepping Out

As we all know, stepping outside for work and errands is a part of our daily routine. However, with the current situation at hand, the risk of getting infected will always be a major concern. So, what is it that can make this process a safe experience? The answer to this is simple, follow every rule and keep no choice but to return safely at home. During the lockdown period, the steps and practices followed in quarantine are integrated to ensure the utmost protection of you and your loved ones. Here are a few of the tips to maintain:

  • Face Mask, Gloves, and Protection Shield are the most important things to carry while stepping out
  • Practicing social distancing while grocery shopping and waiting in queues
  • Sanitizing yourself completely before going and also after returning home
  • Keeping a handful of essentials along while traveling to work, office, or school will not create a situation of panic
  • Making it a routine to do your laundry every single time you step out and also to thoroughly rinse the necessary supplies purchased from stores

So, these are a few of the prerequisites that one can follow for safety during these challenging times.

Keeping a Check on your Mental Wellbeing

Staying at home during the lockdown or being in quarantine is a tough situation to handle for everyone. To be stuck in an unknown city or country is a nightmare by itself, but this is the reality of many individuals experienced during this period. The people who were not able to make it back home had to suffer a whole lot of dreadful consequences in the pandemic. The global COVID-19 scenario has affected everyone in some of the other ways possible.

As many suffered financial crises, millions lost their jobs, businesses, and health in this global outbreak. However, one common thing experienced among all age groups from around the globe has been severe mental health issues. While many kept quiet about their inner turbulence, there have been a few cases, where people have openly come about this and shared their mental problems to raise awareness and normalize this. Now is the time to lend each other helping hands and fight along.

Staying at home 24*7 for months alone definitely takes a toll on our mental well-being, but to know that you are not the only one also gives a sense of relief. Our overall health comprises our physical and mental well-being equally, hence it is important to practice meditation, yoga, or any form of exercise to release stress and toxins from our body. Performing small activities that spark your mood and bring peace will keep you motivated and happy in the longer run. Seek help and keep a check on your anxiety levels, together with everything can be conquered.

The “New Normal” is just like a language that we should learn and continue to adapt to survive in this world from now on.