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Education and AR/VR Technology – United for a Prosperous Future

Technology is at the top of the pyramid and in recent times, it has shown us what it can do and how it affects our lives in major ways. Now, we experience technology installed in almost every part of our daily routine and this technology is becoming more advanced with each passing day. When it comes to the AR/VR technology, it gained momentum due to its modern look and sleek presence. Initially, the gaming consoles became a rage for the younger generations and this didn’t end here, as AR/VR technology started inventing gadgets and internet-driven mediums. This, in turn, amazed the businesses and within no time, AR/VR paved its way into leading industries and companies. One of the biggest sectors, where AR/VR technology is present today is Education.

AR/VR based Educational Insights

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow and hence to make them well-educated and responsible, the schools are adopting new ways of learning. As knowledge is infinite and it develops with time, the schools are now integrating new learning patterns with the help of technology and making the teaching-learning habit an interesting process. The students are no longer restricted to text-book learning and writing assignments, technology-based learning is providing the students with advanced educational insights.

When it comes to AR/VR technology, the students now can experience these realities through the various mediums at school. The various gadgets and gears available at school give the students a more detailed version of learning. With the help of AR/VR kits, the students wear these gadgets and learn in the form of virtual pictures and actions. This technology-enabled curriculum and smart learning patterns stimulate the student’s interests in studies. The monotonous and traditional blackboard teaching often becomes a routine for students and the teachers fail to realize what is going wrong? This, in turn, hampers the student’s productivity and performance at school. Hence, as we step into the next generation, we also have to offer the students with the next generation of learning platforms and mediums that will foster their growth results and AR/VR is the answer to it.

The End of the Creativity Block

Many times, students experience a low period, where their concentration level shrinks in and also their morale is down. During such times, the teachers often try to help the students come up with new activities, play a sport, or indulge them in some art and craft. Even though this helps, after a point, the students fall back into the same routine and experience the same. To change this routine entirely, the schools have changed their system and updated it to a more interactive and immersive learning experience with the help of AR/VR technology. By creating such an advanced platform, it empowers the students to explore and learn at their own time and pace. The AR/VR based applications for education are a benefit for students and teachers. These apps blend digital technologies with learning patterns and improve the educational processes allowing students to acquire information visually and foster them to new and interesting learning.

These types of learning mediums and platforms boost the students’ confidence as the students become more focused and imbibe in regular studies. Technology-based education is fun and lively as it creates an atmosphere, which gives freedom and encourages the students to take up new subjects. The performance of the students is what matters the most for every school and hence with this type of technology-enabled education, the students are soaring to new heights and getting far better results. The ideas and concepts which were early constrained are now becoming a reality. AR-VR technology is transforming the student’s performance, skill set, perspective, and dreams. These realities are making the children experience the world at their fingertips, their visions, innovations, and creativity are becoming a power-packed source of ending their respective blocks. Overall, this is helping the students to transform their dreams into realities.

Key Pointers of AR-VR technology-based Education

Here are few of the key points and benefits of integrating the AR and VR technology in education and learning processes:

  • Students become more focused and maintain record performance throughout their academic year
  • Opens the eye of curiosity and doors of opportunities for students, teachers, and school departments
  • Enhances creative thinking and helps them to come up with their creative powers
  • The students are engaged and interested even while learning difficult lessons and subjects
  • Increases the concentration level and helps them to thoroughly complete one task at a time and further move ahead swiftly for new tasks
  • With the help of cooperative and collaborative learning, the students are become more interactive and come together as a team
  • The practical training and theory lessons go hand-in-hand and the students can excel in both
  • The teacher-student bond becomes stronger and empowers team-work
  • Students can experience expanded teaching potentials with the help of 3D design, structure, modeling, and presentations.

The Future Steps of AR/VR in Education

According to a survey, “In 2020, the revenue for VR/AR educational software would be around $300 million and this figure is expected to grow to $700 million by 2025.” This number defines the success that education and technology together can bring us. The quality of education has majorly improved with the use of these resourceful tools, apps, and platforms, which are now widely available to educational schools and institutes around the globe. Coming together and staying united is the way forward to many such breakthroughs, the use of AR/VR technology in education is a massive hit.