Fatima Al Shirawi, Founder, The Gracious F

Marketing Strategies through Color Science

The faith to bring out a change through something entirely rare in the current scenario, and to implement the change with the entrepreneurial vision is seldom portrayed by any individual. Fatima Al Shirawi is an Emirati Entrepreneur and color consultant who, with her exceptional theory of the profound effect of colors and applying the color psychology is helping peers and organizations to enhance their styles, taking into account their penchants and cultural values along with her creativity. Colors play an important role in every individual’s life. They enhance and bring positivity to the surrounding environment besides maintaining peace and harmony. The right combination of colors is responsible for the psychological retorts as they help one to become more poised, tolerant and well-balanced. With a unique and differentiated ideology along with a clear vision, Ms. Fatima started her color consultancy The Gracious F in 2008.

Headquartered at Dubai Design District, Dubai, The Gracious F is one of the leading color consultancies in GCC, working and serving a diverse number of industries ranging from individuals, luxury retail brands, educational institutes, government entities, and interior design firms. From Ms. Fatima’s point of view, every successful business today exploits some form of technology to help progress the business more proficient, think out of the box, and bring services up to date, in a more convenient manner for consumers. Similarly, the Gracious F was designed with the convergence of technology, science, and creativity. As an entrepreneur and consultant, Ms. Fatima has figured out with these changes and adapts her business accordingly to make sure the unremitting growth and development of the firm.

Turning the Burning Desire into Reality

Ms. Fatima Al Shirawi is a recipient of a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Marketing from George Washington University, DC, and Fashion Design from the London College of Fashion. She also completed a short course in Fashion Design from Polimoda Institute in Florence and is a certified consultant from the Color Affects Institute. Currently, she is the founder and CEO of the Gracious F, leading the firm with her exceptional knowledge of marketing, experience, and creative mind. Through her educational journey overseas, Ms. Fatima was able to ascertain her career path that drove her passion after she took the color psychology class and was captivated by its science. Coming back to UAE was a tough task for Ms. Fatima as it became grim for her to acclimatize with the changes she was dealing with individuals which eventually led her to explore ways to accomplish her goals and empower others, especially women.

Her immense passion to tutor, teach and spread astuteness has made her a successful leader in a field as niche as color consultancy, which is one of its kind. Her journey is a one-woman journey where she started her career without any financial support initiating by visiting clients’ offices, residences, and working places and approving them with the science of color psychology by creating awareness about the services she offered. This experience and destitution ultimately abetted her to stay grounded with a single aim to share and teach her team the same knowledge in addition to supporting them by mentoring them the set of values designated for the organization to work collectively. As a canvasser, Ms. Fatima has been able to expand and create awareness on color consultancy in commercial branding, team building, and sales training.

As a founder and leading individual, Ms. Fatima favors a strong, sustainable, successful and abiding vision that helps her maintain viable growth of the firm. For cultivating the vision among her employees and team, Ms. Fatima makes sure to start with a set of values that are well embodied within the organization to guarantee justifiable development. She aims to empower women around the world to get an education and progress their vocation independently as well as support their families financially. She believes in constant learning and mounting knowledge to impart it to her fellow cohorts and team members to motivate them to propagate and surpass in their proficient and private lives.

Gratifying Demands via Overcoming Plights

The Gracious F got started as a distinct consultancy company to upkeep individuals in enhancing their personal life through the application of color science. With time, it realized the requirement of color science within the corporate, interior and fashion segments to intensify output and revenue of their corresponding businesses. In 2018, the Gracious F conducted ‘Colour Matrix’, which is a 360 guide for all retailers and helps to build an understanding of the clientele profiling based on colour personalities in a chic and subtle manner in addition to creating a direct impact on KPIs, resulting in a large impact on the overall revenue and performance. Ms. Fatima’s educational background, work experience, and consistent research and project results are the credit for the success of this program.

The biggest challenge which Ms. Fatima discusses is defining the meaning of color psychology and its impact on individuals and organizations, retaining this is a forte industry. She accentuates on the mantra-“Let your work speak for yourself”, which helps her setback this challenge. For Ms. Fatima competitions are potential partners to strengthen business and global presence. She believes to accompany complementary organization and assist them to share and distribute services that help her firm to create global dominion and learn new aspects of the industry. Her main focus is on the few psychologists practicing in a similar field and specializing in the corporate segment.

Accelerating Personal Growth Besides Being the Lead

Being the CEO, Ms. Fatima focuses on research and expanding her knowledge through participating in workshops and seminars which allows her to attain personal growth along with volatile technological drifts that are long term and are pertinent to her business. Ms. Fatima strives to work on her skills which include leadership qualities, communication skills, and emotional control. She states competition handling as an essential point which is vital for every leader by updating knowledge continuously.

Ms. Fatima imagines the Gracious F as the universally successful organization specialized in color psychology allotting the most operative knowledge of color tools in behavioral patterns and supporting organizations all over the world. The Gracious F shines through successfully combining color psychology in all scales of individual re-branding and self-development to business which wishes to boost their cognizance and strategy through color solutions.

The Vision That Binds Together

The team at the Gracious F work with the motive to help folks and groups triumph their ambitions through the sustenance of color psychology. They aim to work by studying the impact of color on human psychology by reducing stress, enhancing motivation, increase productivity and finally building an identity where they can shine themselves.

Ms. Fatima defines the Gracious F as “Authentic, Passionate, Creative, Teamwork and ethical“