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SS Law

Integrating Advanced Legal Insights for an Excellent Customer-Centric Experience

We are committed to delivering a world-class legal service – providing the highest quality support, as efficiently and effectively as possible every time with a pool of highly qualified and trained professionals.

Established in 2015, SS Law is a prominent professional service provider serving the clients with customized legal offerings in Family/Divorce, Criminal, Civil, IPR, Personal Injury, Property, Corporate Law, Arbitration and Mediation. It provides advisory, training, and investigation services under Anti-Corruption Laws and White-Collar Crimes to corporates. The firm offers advisory, compliance, and litigation support services Trial Court, High court, and Supreme Court.

Additionally, it delivers assistance to clients in Immigration, during and after raids or investigations by Customs and Regulatory authorities like Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Enforcement Directorate, Narcotics Control Bureau, etc. To take a view on key issues and options to deal with high-risk positions, briefing, and debriefing of employees and discussions with authorities to close the case.

Areas of Expertise

SS Law Firm has a specialized team of lawyers for handling cases in the following areas:

● Litigation Criminal and Civil

● Corporate Law

● Family/Divorce

● Auto Accident/ Traffic/ Personal Injury

● Property and Real Estate

● Human Resources and Employment Law

● Corporate and Commercial Law

● Incorporation of Entities

● Banking & Finance

● Capital Markets and Securities Law

● Corporate/ M&A

● Competition/ Antitrust Law

● IPR- TradeMarks Domain Names, Copyrights, Industrial Designs and Patents

● Education

● Family Dispute Counseling

● Arbitration

● Taxation

The Torchbearer of SS Law

An altruistic personality, Sudhindra Bhat is a first-generation lawyer and the Managing Partner at SS Law. He is an expert having an extensive experience of over two decades has been bequeathed with innumerable legal and Business accolades. His qualification includes LLB, LLM, MBA, MFM, CFA, Ph.D. Sudhindra has been a legal and business consultant of leading Indian publicly traded companies, universities, and also of Indian subsidiaries of several Fortune 500 companies. He has been a legal counsel to Banks, Financial Institutions, University, apart from large and medium private enterprises in India and abroad. He offers both hands-on legal advice and overall strategic inputs while drafting and negotiating contracts for complex transactions to reflect the clients’ interests at all times. He specialized in Litigation, Corporate Law, and Family Law.

The firm’s great partner and backbone Ms. Poli Borgohain have bagged benchmarks of excellence while inspiring and motivating the team to put their best foot forward to achieve maximum results. Abiding with integrity, Poli creates exciting possibilities that everyone can achieve together, working as a team. She appreciates the efforts of others and builds trust and fosters team collaboration.

A Flourishing Journey

We put a world-class client experience right at the heart of what we do and the world’s leading businesses can come to us with their most complex challenges.

Under the leadership of Sudhindra, SS Law is the largest full-service law firm in Bangalore Karnataka -India, with over 25 lawyers, offices in India’s key business centers. This was followed by a further period of exponential growth, including the launch of several new outstanding legal practice areas. The firm embraces this legacy, while also bringing its partners and associates together with a new blueprint for the future, based on a strong client-focused value system, a collaborative work culture, and a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach to problem-solving. Even after having amassed years of expertise, it considers itself as a learner in this domain and still refers to the basics for every assignment and that’s what differentiates it from the other players. Its ability to generate ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas and innovative solutions has earned respect and admiration over the years. It combines technical excellence with commercial insight. It’s the ability to take the most complex questions and provide a clear answer.

The firm identifies client confidence, recognition of quality work, and the growing dominance of India as a global powerhouse to be the key elements that would be driving SS Law in the future. The recent reforms and stringent policies laid by the Government have unlocked new vistas of opportunities for the industry.

SS Law committed to consistently delivering quality. It can support a large and varied client base including Individual Client to domestic and foreign commercial enterprises, start-ups, the Governmental and regulatory bodies. That means providing timely, innovative, integrated, relevant, and solution-oriented legal advice, which is also cost-effective. The dedicated lawyers strive to understand the clients’ needs and circumstances, to think independently, and maintain honesty, fairness, integrity, and professionalism.

The Achievement’s Corner

The lawyers regularly speak in various fora and have credit, several publications in various national and international professional journals and magazines on Corporate-Commercial, International Arbitration, Litigation, Finance, and Business. The lawyers conducted various training programs for several Fortune 500 companies. For its excellent performance and proficient work-ethic, SS Law has nominated and received several awards since 2016.

The Pandemic Times

Our legal team at SS Law is helping our clients to address the current challenges they face.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing changes in the way the world (including the world of business) works to such a degree that the effects are sure to extend far beyond the current situation. In the legal world, there are currently a variety of responses in play. The Supreme Court postponed oral arguments for the first time since 1918, and many courts are also canceling hearings and non-case related meetings. Some district courts, criminal courts, and legal services organizations have held out closing or are going fully remote, but it may only be a matter of time before access to justice will come to mean online access – a change that will likely remain in some forms post-pandemic.

It prepared the attorneys and support staff to work from home and fully close offices in cities that have mandated it. The law firms proactively approached the needs of corporate clients and created cross-disciplinary task forces and released checklists and guidance for their clients, often making this material available for free. With social distancing in place, the firms are rotating teams of lawyers in and out each day. This platooning strategy allowed the firm to maintain a presence in its offices while minimizing the chances for its attorneys to encounter the virus. It also offered scalable collaboration and presentation, designed for “anywhere access” and is well-equipped to handle the increased traffic as legal professionals conduct internal and external meetings, litigation teams work in concert to craft their arguments and write and submit briefs, and firm managers access and analyze their teams’ workflow. Like the concept of remote lawyering.

Keeping pace with the On-Going Momentum

The legal profession is a competitive one. These changing times can be exciting and dynamic, but with them comes a host of challenges. The major challenges include Globalization/ Competition, Low-Cost Legal Service Providers, New Lawyer Development, Technology, The Internet, and challenging clients. There has been a paradigm shift in how the legal industry works today than ever before. Earlier it was all about legacies of a family pursuing the profession, toiling long hours, sweating it out, and more. Getting some legal information which was a pain in the neck once, is now only a few clicks away.

Technology is a boon for law professionals also, as they no longer have to hunt for their clients. The legal process has also become a kind of speedier than ever. Due to the changing economic times, there has been a constant effort by the legal professionals to find new ways to attain and retain their clients, ultimately making this sector more effective, efficient, accessible, and reliable.

The SMART Approach

SS Law believes in nothing is impossible and our Mission is your Success.

At SS Law firm, it focuses on SMART goals i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Managers should consistently provide feedback and keep employees focused on their performance. Feedback acts as a reminder. Without it, employees get too caught up in their daily tasks and lose sight of the bigger picture. As we all know, the legal market is approaching a tipping point. By practicing SMART Goal and updating new technology, constantly validating the legal market, the firm will reach new heights.

Few words of wisdom for young legal aspirants, “Certification is far less important than success, and certification doesn’t guarantee success. Young aspirants prepare themselves, they have a real hard time when they begin their legal career. They have to concentrate on their general intelligence and knowledge of the law.

The Upcoming Times

During the last decade, countless predictions were made about the coming age of innovation in the legal industry, but there was only marginal incremental change. Once Sudhindra quoted, “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” Something no one predicted is that it would take a global pandemic to finally usher in an era of actual innovation that is, implementing change. Nothing awakens necessity more than a crisis. Now, the legal field is beginning to look beyond the urgency and immediacy of the onset of this crisis and trying to assess what comes next. It seems all but certain that any hope of a “V-shaped” recovery, ushering in a swift return to the “old normal,” is wishful thinking. It is in a liminal space, which is a transitional time between what was and what is next.

Other themes will deepen and accelerate trends in the legal marketplace. As the economy continues to weaken, there will be churn in corporate legal departments, leading to fractured relationships and opportunities for non-incumbents. As the demand for legal services lessens, supply will increase, leaving lawyers, and law firms that lack strong positioning and differentiation struggling to overcome perceptions that they’re offering nothing more than a commodity. The number of innovations that can be hatched to address these and other developments is limited only by a law firm’s dedication to strategic thinking. The task ahead is massive, but as with any difficult task, the only way to approach it is one step at a time.