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Nick Lopez, Founder & CEO, LIME Painting®

LIME Painting®

Exemplifying Larger than Life Experiences

Be it a home or an office, it’s the ambiance and walls that do the talking. But the most eye-pleasing moment marking the first impression is the ‘Paint’. It’s the colors that prove vibrant enough to give life a simple infrastructure. One such ultimate brand, making homes and businesses come alive with its snazzy solutions is

LIME Painting®

Founded in 2014, the company has a legacy of transforming spaces with its strokes of creativity. Living by core values of Love, Integrity, Mission, and Excellence, it specializes in painting, coatings, and surface restoration for custom homes and businesses. Its existence is truly driven by paints that make people fall in love with their homes again and again.

Acknowledging a myriad of painting franchise opportunities across the $400 Billion home-improvement industry, the brand focuses on high-end homes and businesses worth $1 Million with a robust franchising model set up. This model defines the true essence of elite products and services class.

Value-for-money, contemporary solutions, and delightful experiences are what the franchise offers to its stakeholders. It can be assuredly said that if home-improvement is art then LIME Painting® is the ultimate artist.

Meet the Seasoned Entrepreneur

Facing challenges head-on and having the prowess to convert those into opportunities is what defines Nick Lopez, the Founder & CEO of the company. His educational journey has seen him graduating from Colorado and heading to Michigan State University. Realizing the wrestling scholarship to cover his tuition fees and living was a couple of years away, he sensed a dire need for capital, and with his never settling attitude to become an entrepreneur, Nick launched his first painting company, Spartan College Painters, LLC.

He was just 19 when the need to paint homes for making a living turned into a full-fledged passion. He developed this craft par excellence and honed it for the three years that he worked on his undergraduate degree. His venture was standing out with a vision to unlock futuristic possibilities. That was the time when Nick witnessed the struggle of clients to obtain a one-stop-shop for high-quality painting, custom coatings, and restoration solutions.

Recognizing this scenario, he started to fine-tune his existing business model while finishing his degree prior to moving back home to Colorado with his soon-to-be wife. With determination and desire to make a difference, Nick laid the foundation of LIME Painting® in Denver as a quid pro quo of quality deliverables and satisfaction earned.

Observing a $5.5 million revenue in the first four years, he subsequently shared his vision with the country by introducing a franchising model. Today, the franchise speaks for itself across the United States with its persuasive experience and high-end services.

Dismantling the Superman Model

For decades, the industry is dealing with the Superman Model – a one-man operator who wears all the capes within their painting company. Unfortunately, the best cape is doing the work and not managing the business. With a limited number of resources and lack of knowledge at the helm, the customer is left frustrated with deadlines unmet, promises unfulfilled, and budgets are thrown out the window.

As a result, customers have a very low expectation for painting service providers or any other home service provider for that matter. They dread the thought of needing to get a paint project completed. Nick has been the witness to such situations while completing his degree at Michigan State University.

Acknowledging such loopholes and inconsistencies in the model gave a boom to his thinking capabilities. All the lessons learned in the business classes were put to the test. This gave LIME the needed push to introduce a Customer-centric model that applied direct customer feedback across all of its service operations. The process to dismantle the traditional Superman model took flight and exceeding customer expectations took over.

This model is backed by industry-proven processes, roles, systems, and quality controls. These imperatives showcase a blend of over-the-top customer experience and long-lasting relationships. Made with the efforts of creative minds, the LIME painting model delivers nothing but quality. And the results rave customers to Get LIMED!

A Holistic Home-improvement Repertoire

High-end properties and multi-million-dollar homes need more than just a fresh coat or surface restoration. Hence, LIME Painting® takes pride in offering 40 distinctive services including Interior & Exterior Painting, Stucco/Elf’s/Drive, Door Restoration, Faux Finishes, Stucco, Gutter Replacement, Masonry, etc.

LIME’s interior and exterior painting services reflect reliability and quality to the core. Its pool of professional craftsmen and artisans leave no stone unturned in rolling out state-of-the-art customized solutions. The franchise is known for its sharp paints, consistent applications, and best-in-class coatings. Franchise teams are equipped with the ability to identify top artisan talent, recruit and train consultants that work with customers from start to finish, and staff a full-time quality control role so that customers don’t have to worry about the integrity of the work being performed.

Nothing is difficult when the company is at the rescue with its novel painting services. Be it repainting, new construction, or a complete restoration project, having LIME on-board is enough to make customers go gaga. Nothing explains the franchise better than the words ‘On-demand, On-time, On-budget, and On-scope’.

Restoring a distressed exterior or transforming an interior space, one can count on the company’s diligence and innovative thinking capabilities. Turning people’s vision into an extraordinary masterpiece with its wide array of services gives it a competitive advantage. The franchise also specializes in unique commercial properties, from resorts and country clubs to restaurants that require custom stains, lacquers, epoxies, and enamels.

Cultivating Customer Satisfaction Spot-on

LIME Painting® is a value-driven top-notch painting franchise mending custom residential and commercial interiors and exteriors into incredible spaces. Taking its services beyond the horizons of painting, it also serves the home-improvement arena as a contracting service provider.

Analyzing the likes and dislikes of the customers, LIME unambiguously focuses to come up with a solution-driven model rather than stressing the problem. Its solutions embrace customer-centricity and distribute problem-solving strategies to the best. Taming customer satisfaction across high-end homes and businesses, the franchise has created a niche with little to no competition.

Team LIME along with Nick believes that restoring high-end properties requires more than just scraping, priming, and painting. As such, the brand releases personalized solutions for each of its clients as per their requirements, wants, and needs.

To deeply understand client perspectives, it orchestrates one-to-one consultations. This framework boosts two-way communication thereby helping both parties to make calculated and result-oriented decisions. Besides, customer satisfaction is a must with tech-enabled turnkey options.

LIME franchise owners stir customer-first approach via clear and concise communication and offer an astounding end-to-end process management experience. Talking about the brand’s loyalty program Nick says, “It gives our clients benefits and access such as additional warranty coverage, free professional color consultation, rewards points, bi-annual audits, and more. Since 20% of our customers will do repeat business with us within a year, this is a huge perk!”

Grab this One-of-its-Kind Franchise Opportunity

With a constant expansion in the home-improvement sector alongside carrying a highly successful franchise model up its sleeves, LIME has already carved its name among the market giants. It has accomplished its mission to build a support team that is far superior to anything else in the franchise painting industry.

Here’s a lowdown to some of the accomplishments so far, yet more to come.

● In its first seven years, the founding Denver market recorded gross revenues of $10.5+ Million with a net income of more than $1.5 Million

● 40+ different revenue streams to drool over

● Franchise owners get the support and assistance to generate higher revenues on each job with minimal competition virtually

● The average ticket cost is 3X the industry average

● Only national winning painting franchise to serve the high-end, luxury paint market

● Franchisees have the privilege to gain insight and manage the ins and outs of their home improvement business via a centralized and sophisticated tech stack

● Running a successful franchise business with a ramp-up time of 30-90 days

● Franchisees can start their business with just $129,700


“We do more than just Painting”

“Award-winning Residential and Commercial Painting at your Doorsteps”

“Your ideas and our creativity, together we can work wonders”

“Our magic wand of paints will cast the success spells for your high-end properties”