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Bary El-Yacoubi and Muhssin El-Yacoubi, Founders,Send Me a Trainer

Send Me a Trainer

Your own Customized and Comfortable Fitness Training at Home

In an interview with Business Stalwarts, Bary El-Yacoubi and Muhssin El-Yacoubi, Founders of Send Me a Trainer gave some insightful answers highlighting the first-of-its-kind personal training available in-home and live online. They talk about their journey to the forefront, unique service offerings, the COVID-19 pandemic, franchise business opportunity, and more. Aligning their vision and mission with customer’s requirements – Send Me a Trainer is an ideal option for fitness enthusiasts who are willing to explore a new fitness routine at the comfort of their home.

Q: Give a brief overview of your organization and its vision, mission, and goals.

Send Me a Trainer is the first in-home and live online personal training on-demand franchise that is redefining the fitness franchising industry. Send Me a Trainer is featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, ranked 2nd by Franchise Gator for Top Emerging Franchise brands in 2021, listed in the Top 100 Fitness Franchises by Franchise Connect Magazine, and featured in Authority Magazine as disruptors in the fitness industry.

Q: Describe the journey of your organization along with a franchise business model.



With over a decade of experience managing an in-home personal training service, Send Me a Trainer has developed proprietary cutting-edge technology that streamlines business operations. Franchisees are attracted to our technology-driven, home-based business model with low overhead and no physical location required. The modern business owner can now own a technology-enabled on-demand business as a franchise.

Send Me a Trainer is a mobile app-driven marketplace that connects clients with certified personal trainers that come to them. We save clients the time and hassle of going to the gym, by having a certified and vetted personal trainer come to them, either in-person or live online.

The service is delivered through an extremely user-friendly mobile app and enables clients to pick and choose from more than one trainer and find the one most suited for their needs. Clients can arrange in-home or online personal training sessions at times and locations convenient for them.

Q: How COVID-19 has impacted the business dynamics and fitness industry?

Send Me a Trainer is strategically positioned at the intersection of three booming sectors: Convenience, Fitness, and Technology. Industry experts indicate that the Total Addressable Market of the home fitness industry has increased by $10 billion annually due to the pandemic driving consumers away from fitness clubs.

Also, monthly Google search volume for “at home fitness” is up over 3x compared to pre-pandemic levels. This is causing a huge demand increase for Send Me a Trainer and home fitness solutions that offer the convenience of working out from home. With COVID-19 in-home and online training have become increasingly popular, perfect timing for Send Me a Trainer to infiltrate and take command of the marketplace.

Consumers are also increasingly looking for more accountability and customization in their workouts and the market is rapidly shifting in this direction. Send Me a Trainer provides its clients with a high level of customized programs and accountability beyond what is possible by connected exercise equipment and video streaming services.

This makes Send Me a Trainer a promising franchise of the future. With the convenience and accountability of a personal trainer coming to clients at the click of a button, staying in shape has never been easier.

Q: What are the key benefits of buying the Send Me a Trainer franchise?


Strong Track Record: Over 13 years of experience in the industry having managed over 1,000 trainers and completed over 100,000 in-home personal training sessions.

Home Based & Low Overhead Costs: No gym. No office. No commute. Complete flexibility over your working life. Get started with under $50k and very low ongoing overhead.

Management Franchise: Franchisees do not need to deliver personal training sessions, so no fitness background is required. Your focus is on the sales and marketing of the business.

Online and Automated with Proprietary Technology: The business is managed by a cloud-based network and mobile apps and is fully automated. Simple and easy to operate with little demand on time resources.

Scalable Business Model: Start the business at your pace and grow from there. Choose to work full-time, part-time, or around another job. Continue to scale by expanding to multiple locations and different fitness service categories.

Q: Why Do Clients Choose Us?

Standard Pricing: With our fair rates, no more wasting time getting quotes and negotiating.

Rotate Trainers: Book any of our qualified trainers at any time.

Trainers Secure and Simple: Easily make payments and track sessions on our app.

Convenient: Save time and hassle of going to the gym by having trainers come to your client’s locations.

Customized Programs: Each program is customized based on your client’s goals.

Access to Top Trainers: Hand-picked certified trainers with background checks.

Huge Lucrative Market: With COVID-19, in-home and online training have become increasingly popular. We operate in a high-growth and lucrative market.

Q: Tell us about your organization’s achievements and accomplishments.


❖ Cover of Entrepreneur Magazine

❖ Franchise Gator Ranked 2nd in Emerging Brands

❖ Top 100 Fitness Franchises by Franchise Connect Magazine

❖ Disruptors in the Fitness Industry by Authority Magazine

Q: What are the company expansion plans for the future?

Bary: Honestly…we would like to continue to expand our national and international reach. We want to grow our market until we’re a household name in home fitness. With the sudden shift in the market due to Covid-19 we are seeing a record number of franchise applications. We are even getting candidates that want to reserve territories.

Broker and consultant groups are reaching out to us regularly. They are telling us that no one is looking to get into a brick-and-mortar franchise now, so all eyes are on home-based models and they want to present Send Me a Trainer to their clients. This excites us and further supports our expansion and growth plans.

About the Featuring Leader of Send Me a Trainer

Q: Tell us about yourself

Bary: For me, this part of my journey began when I was a personal trainer at one of those large “big box” gyms in the DC metro area back in 2007. Within the first two months, I sold the most amount of personal training programs out of all of the company’s east coast locations. But oftentimes clients canceled their personal training sessions last minute. The reasons varied from “I was stuck at work” to “traffic was just too bad” and everything in between. I knew these were people serious about becoming healthy and losing weight, but getting to their appointments regularly proved difficult with their busy schedules.

I offered to come to them and suddenly everything fell into place. The convenience of in-home personal training allowed them to be consistent and ultimately achieved their results sooner. The concept of an in-home trainer was suddenly so popular that one person couldn’t keep up with the demand. It was time to find additional trainers.

Muhssin: At about this time, I was completing my MBA at Kellogg at Northwestern University with a specialization in entrepreneurship. Seeing the momentum that Bary was having with in-home training, we decided to work on a business plan as part of a class project and the first version of our business was born. I continued to work with Bary while I pursued a career in Private Equity post MBA. After some time, as we received continued validation and built momentum, it was clear that the in-home personal training industry was a promising market that was very fragmented and we both knew that it was time to scale the business. At that point, we started the journey of transforming the business into a fitness technology company.

Q: How do you align your organization with your vision and mission?

In order to stay relevant, businesses have to be able to adapt to changing needs and audiences. Shopping malls were once the cornerstone of socialization, but even before Covid-19, they were losing business because consumer behavior changed. More and more people realized they could get their shopping done at home with the click of a button. When Covid-19 hit, the consumer continued to evolve more in that direction and is demanding more services that meet that convenience “at-home” model.

We want to continue to make staying fit convenient for our clients and also give them the accountability and customized programs that they are looking for. Everything we do is aligned with the customer and this objective. We also look at it from the perspective of our franchisees to ensure that they will be successful too.

Q: Where do you see the company five years from now? Are you planning any major strategic changes in the concept?

Bary: Honestly…we would like to continue to expand our international reach. We want to grow our market until we’re a household name in home fitness. Most of us have an old piece of exercise equipment somewhere, something bought with a New Year’s resolution that’s collecting dust in a basement. But even if you don’t have the equipment you still have the tools. Frankly, what you need is someone to show you how to exercise for the most impact and hold you accountable.

Muhssin: That’s why this isn’t just a service. It’s a vision we really feel strongly about. This is something we’re doing because it makes a difference in people’s lives.