Dr. Mazlan Abbas, Co-Founder & CEO, FAVORIOT


A Powerful IoT Enabled Platform Bestowing Customized and Contemporary Products

Favoriot aims to become the preferred partner that offers an IoT platform, tools, and services to help our customers become more innovative, effective, and productive.

Established in the year 2017, Favoriot is the brainchild of Dr. Mazlan Abbas and Dato’ Wei Chun Beng, the Co-founders of the company. Towards the end of 2016, this was just an idea, which further gained momentum and developed as a startup. The concept behind starting this company is providing a helping hand to working professionals, who have to take care of their elderly parents back at home. Often, the working professionals face issues related to maintaining a proper work-life balance and end up constantly for long hours at work. Hence, to overcome this issue, Favoriot came up with a realistic solution to ensure the elderly citizens are not left alone or feel left out.

Dr. Gopinath is also a Co-founder at Favoriot, who leads an experienced team of IoT specialists. It took the combined experience of three years to develop the core IoT platform and after meticulously working for 1 more year, the team successfully created a Smart Healthcare for Senior Care called Favorwatch. This product was able to monitor the activities like day-to-day whereabouts and health and also provided constant communication without carrying a smartphone for the respected senior citizen. The product has now been expanded to cater for Hajj/Umrah Pilgrims and is now called “Raqib”.

The core Favoriot IoT platform (or middleware), which has been used to build Raqib, was now offered as a Platform-as-a-Service that allows individuals or organizations to build their IoT solution without the heavy investment of building their in-house IoT platform. This has created the largest IoT developer ecosystem in Malaysia and now has expanded to more than 94 countries worldwide to nurture the new generation of IoT and create innovative smart solutions.

Take a Look at the Co-Founders

Dr. Mazlan Abbas has more than three decades of working experience and has successfully bagged many awards and recognitions under his name. Dato Wei Chuan Beng is a tech industry veteran and a serial entrepreneur having an extensive experience of 27 years. Along with them, Dr. Gopinath has years of experience in various IT industries, with a focus on Research and Development and glues technology pieces together. These three resourceful personalities form the core team of the organization.

Building Strong Core Competencies

“To be your preferred partner in developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions” is the vision of the company.

The company derives its name from the word “Favor”, which is an act of kindness. It believes that “Favoriot” is becoming a well-known brand and has a strong personality and stays true with its sense of purpose. It is meticulously working and nurturing the next innovative generation talent of ‘IoT’ and the ecosystem.

The company has stuck to its roots of core values, to name a few of them

  • We believe in treating our customers with respect.
  • We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity, openness, reliability and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning and solutions offering.

It is proud of its IoT platform, which is developed by a bunch of its young, local, and talented Malaysian developers. The company’s team is dedicated and in the course of time has delivered the utmost performance and solutions. Due to its extensive work, the company has successfully won ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2019 as Malaysia’s Best IoT Startup.

Catering to a Broader Audience

Favoriot has successfully developed a powerful enabled IoT platform. It hosts a wide range of service/solution offerings and serves a large customer base, which includes government, corporate, and SME’s from various types of industries. The ideal clients depend on their different types of IoT solutions.

  • Raqib – Hajj Authorities, and Travel Agencies
  • Favorsense – Municipal Councils, Facility Management, Universities, Shopping Malls, Construction Companies, Housing Developers and Facility Management.
  • IoT Platform – Manufacturing, Universities, and Training Institutes
  • D’scover – Travel Agencies, Ministry of Tourism, and Group Travellers.

The company has spread its wings by expanding its outreach to new clients and companies across the globe and is continuously growing on the go.

Contributing and Strengthening With Time

Favoriot’s IoT platform has been used by more than 2,600 IoT developers in 94 countries, out of which 80% of them are from Malaysia, while the top 5 countries are Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the USA, and Pakistan. It has become a platform to learn and create IoT projects in universities and colleges. With a tagline “Your IoT Partner”, the company plans to expand its horizon “We will keep on enhancing the platform with more innovative features and also intend to expand the market globally via Favoriot IoT Ambassadors to reach a target of more than 10,000 IoT developers by the end of 2020.

A Robust Customer-Centric Approach

Favoriot aims to become the preferred partner that offers an IoT platform, tools, and services to help its customers become more innovative, effective, and productive. The company has an “out-of-the-box” outlook, which has become its USP in the market front.

Listed here are some of the company’s USP:

  • FAVORIOT IoT Platform – It helps IoT developers to rapidly develop new and innovative IoT solutions without high investment in building another IoT platform. The platform is easily scalable for different usage be it individuals, universities, or enterprises.
  • FAVORSENSE – The Company provides an effective engagement crowd sensing platform for various stakeholders to build smarter operations. It eases the making of incident reports with geofencing capability that can make reporting more transparent, efficient, and highly productive.
  • RAQIB – It offers a simple and effective solution to monitor the most important assets of an individual i.e. health and safety. From monitoring senior citizens to people performing Hajj pilgrimage.
  • D’SCOVER – The Company makes traveling a smoother and more delightful experience. The mobile app combined with location-based features has been able to ease the headache of tour leaders to track their group members including managing and controlling the activities via the group’s shared journal planner.