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Top Highest Paying Jobs in 2021

The year 2021 is considered to bring a ray of hope amongst mankind as the aftermath caused by 2020 has traumatized the life out of people. With millions of people suffering from unemployment, the race for survival has become a dreadful truth in these challenging times. However, many individuals are fighting the rough waves’ to reach their longshore and making ends meet to sustain themselves in the remote future. As the majority of the population experienced job loss, many opted for a new career, some who were swept by financial struggles found an ultra-profitable niche, and some started working for more than one or two part-time jobs to manage their expenses.

In all these conditions, the common factor for all has been ‘money’ as it is the ultimate indicator to put in the hard work, take those efforts, toil for long hours, and make a living. So, let’s have a look at some of the jobs that are paying the big buck and are defining the new normal times.  

  • Data Scientist

According to several survey reports, Data Scientist is one of the most popular jobs of 2021 and it undoubtedly ranks first in the list due to its mega pay scale. A Data Scientist Professional is an analytical expert who uses different statistical methods, data analysis techniques, machine learning in both technology and social science to find recent trends and manage respective data. By using their impeccable skills and industry-driven knowledge they comprehend, analyze, and associate data to find considerate business outcomes. These professionals study with contextual and rational understanding to discover feasible solutions for business challenges. 

Data Scientists need to have a futuristic view and be proficient in Excel, SQL, learn programming languages like Python, R, and Java, Data Visualization & Communication, Engineering, Data Intuition, and more. Becoming a data scientist is a new and lucrative career option, which is gaining momentum as a 45 percent rise in demand was experienced last year. A data scientist with a good amount of experience can earn up to $800K.     

  • Blockchain Developer

With the rise in Cryptocurrency since March 2020, Blockchain Technology has become one of the fastest-growing sectors. With the changing demographics, companies are hiring blockchain developers to develop their existing systems, make new advancements, and be in the race of industrial adaptations. Blockchain is an evolving technology and serves to be an excellent career option for IT professionals. A Blockchain Developer Professional develops, designs, researches, and tests blockchain technologies moreover building an entirely secure network. These professionals work with heavy databases protecting against cyber-attacks while optimizing blockchain protocols. 

The basic skills required to become a blockchain developer are a strong background in computing network and software development, proficiency in programming languages and data structure, cryptography, the experience of open source projects and large codebases. The salary of a Blockchain Developer on average ranges from $150k to $175k annually, and with a considerate amount of experience one can earn up to $200k in the US.

  • Product Manager

A Product Manager Professional is responsible for the Product Development of an organization. These professionals identify the customer needs, look for prevailing problems, and fulfill business objectives by designing suitable products and features. With a deep understanding of products, the skills required to be a product manager are keen knowledge about customers, collaborations with different industries, understanding product manufacturing, and delivery, negotiating, and more. To plan, structure, and execute products, every product manager must be a strategic thinker, streamline product development, improve awareness regarding business competencies, and captivate market trends. A product manager position starts with an associate product manager earning $96,000 further moving ahead to $109,000 as a product manager and then finally as a senior product manager earning $125,000 per annum.  

  • Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is an Information Technology expert, who handles an organization’s cloud computing system working on cloud-based applications. These professionals work with engineers and developers to build the right technology managing cloud management, strategy, planning, and monitoring. The cloud architects look after application architecture and deployment in a cloud environment, which includes the public, private, and hybrid cloud. They also act as consultants to companies and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest market trends and issues. Cloud computing in general deals with offering on-demand services like storage, networking, messaging, security, and computation. 

The skills required for becoming a cloud architect are: a background in IT, experience in programming languages, should be able to design and implement cloud infrastructure and other necessary platforms. A talented cloud architect can secure a job in global companies like Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and more. In the US, a skilled cloud architect earns up to $250k.   

  • Doctors and Surgeons

Last year, the healthcare sector worked a day in and day out to save millions of lives. Considering the current situation, it is no surprise that as the number of health issues increases, there is an upsurge in patients too. Hence, becoming a doctor is not just one of the highest paying professions but also the most sought after career path. Within this sector, there are various areas of expertise that are more in demand than the rest like surgeons, physicians, dentists, neurologists, and more. Apart from a qualifying degree in master’s, the basic skills required for this field are exceptional communication skills, problem-solving, decision-making, commitment, and accurate operating abilities. The average salary of a doctor in the United States is approx. $300,000 yearly. 

  • Investment Banker

The finance industry is one of the expanding industries around the globe and with the expansion of the healthcare, housing, and retail sectors, the finance sector is expected to multiply even more in upcoming times. The key drivers of financial operations in banking companies are advancing and out of them, the most popular one has been investment banking. For young and ambitious banking professionals, this career is an ideal option as the traditional methods of banking have been replaced and become hi-tech. An investment banker works for financial organizations performing research work, doing financial modeling, raising capital through equity financing and debt management, and building a powerful portfolio. This career promises a fortune but is challenging at the same time and the decisions taken in a given time can make and break the financial system of the organization. The skills required for becoming an Investment Banker are communication, in-depth market knowledge, analytical skills, innovation, resilience, hands-down number game, entrepreneurship, and fierce decision-making capabilities. 

An investment banker climbs the ladder by first becoming an analyst, associate, vice-president, and managing director. So, the base salary for the first position starts from $85k – $100k, and then jumps on to $100k – $150k for the second and third position and goes up to $1M for the top position. Also, this is just the salary count, the bonuses are separate, and so this is a win-win situation.         

So, here are some of the highest paying jobs in 2021 that will help one become financially stable and will be in demand for the approaching future. The above-mentioned careers are phenomenal income sources for becoming financially independent and this is possible in each sector and industry. Every individual needs to choose their path, have a vision, acquire the skills, and find the right opportunities to convert their dreams into realities.