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Mr. A.K.Gupta, Founder, TPM Solicitors & Consultants

Specialists in the field of Trade Remedies

Established in 1999, TPM Consultants deals primarily in the field of international trade remedies. TPM assists domestic producers in India and in other countries, suffering from unfair imports in their domestic market, in availing the required protection in the form of anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, or safeguard measures. Furthermore, it also represents the interests of exporters and importers facing such investigations in India, or other countries.

The organization has assisted Indian exporters facing investigations in several jurisdictions such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, European Union, GCC, Indonesia, Korea, South Africa, and the USA. Over the last two decades, TPM has represented domestic producers, exporters, or importers in more than 700 trade remedial investigations.

Apart from trade remedies, the firm also provides services in the field of non-tariff measures, trade policies, industry analysis, business consulting, indirect tax, and litigation.

A Journey to the Forefront

TPM Consultants has established its brand over the years and has experience of more than 700 investigations, which makes it not only the top firm in India but also amongst the most experienced firms in the field globally. With its team of more than 40 professionals including Lawyers, Cost Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Engineers, and M.B.As., it has marked its position with top-notch skills and competence required to provide a holistic approach to its clients.

The Masterminds of Excellence

Mr. A. K. Gupta and Mrs. Kavita Gupta are the Co-founders of TPM Consultants. Mr. A. K. Gupta, Managing Director – He is a Master of Management and Science from prestigious institute BITS – Pilani Rajasthan (Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani Rajasthan). He is a member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India and All India Management Association. Before establishing TPM, Mr. Gupta was working as a Deputy Director in the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties. During his tenure as a government bureaucrat, he found that there was a need for more legal consultants in the field of trade remedies to provide support to the Indian industry. Therefore, he quit his job with the Government and established TPM Consultants, as a firm exclusively engaged in trade remedies. Having worked in the field for over two decades, Mr. Gupta has established himself as a luminary in the field of trade remedies.

Mrs. Kavita Gupta, Director – Mrs. Gupta is M.A. (Economics) from Rajasthan University. She worked in Punjab National Bank for 14 years before quitting her job to help run TPM. Mrs. Gupta is the backbone of TPM and has played a pivotal role in its growth and helping it realize its vision.

Areas of Expertise

TPM is one of the first firms dealing exclusively in the field of international trade remedies. The term “international trade remedies” refers to anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, and safeguard measures, which a country may invoke under the WTO Agreements, in case the domestic industry of the country is suffering due to imports into the country. The investigations for the imposition of such measures are quasi-judicial and involve the participation of all stakeholders including domestic producers, governments of exporting countries, exporters, importers, users, etc.

The organization is widely known for its extensive experience in representing the interests of domestic producers in such investigations. In fact, in Indian investigations, TPM represents the domestic producers in about 80-90% of the cases on an average. It also represents the interests of Indian exporters facing such investigations in other countries. This has allowed it to maintain long-lasting relationships with the clients and become a brand entity in the field.

TPM also represents exporters located in foreign countries in investigations in India or third countries, as well as domestic producers in foreign countries in investigations in their country. For instance, the firm assisted the domestic industry in Egypt in seeking anti-dumping measures against imports from the USA.

In this field, TPM has experience of dealing with industries from a wide range of sector including chemicals, petrochemicals, machinery, pharmaceuticals, electrical products, electronics, yarns & fibers, fabrics, cement, flooring & other construction materials, tyres, rubbers, fertilizers, paper, steel, copper, and many more. While the core specialization of the firm is trade remedies, it has also carved out a name for itself in the field of trade policy, non-tariff barriers, EXIM monitoring, and analysis. It also represents industries before the Government in matters involving customs policy and provides consultancy in competition law and policy.

Team Work: The Foundation of Success

“Aim high and work hard to achieve your ambitions. In the road to success, there are no substitutes to hard work and commitment”

TPM believes in adding value and going one step extra for its clients. The USP that sets TPM apart from other firms is the passion the team has for their work, wherein each team member is deeply invested in ensuring the success of their work and its rich experience and unparalleled expertise.

Mr. Gupta believes that a firm can grow only when individual team members excel together. He believes in allowing individuals to set their own goals in line with the broader vision of the firm, and work towards them. Moreover, all team members are encouraged to take ownership of their work, which further encourages each member to achieve their potential. He believes that team spirit is one of the cornerstones of success.

Winning Prestigious Honors

TPM has helped pave the way in the evolving field of trade remedies. Some of its notable achievements are as under:

  • TPM is empaneled on the DGTR Panel of Experts.
  • TPM has authored a book published by LexisNexis titled “A Handbook of Trade Remedial Measures – An Indian Perspective”.
  • In 2015, TPM represented the Indian industry in the first anti-subsidy investigation in India.
  • TPM represented the Indian industry in the first finding issued in an anti-circumvention investigation of anti-dumping duties.
  • TPM is representing the Indian industry in the first bilateral safeguard investigation under an FTA.
  • TPM is also representing the Indian industry in the first safeguard investigation for the imposition of quantitative restrictions in India.

The efforts made by TPM have also been recognized by some of the top business and professional magazines in India, and it has been featured in below:

  • Insight Success’s “Top 10 Most Valuable Law Firms in 2017”.
  • CEO Magazine’s “25 Fast-Growing Legal Consultant Companies in India” in 2017.
  • Business Connect’s “Consultants of the Year 2019”.
  • CEO Magazine’s “Consultants of the Year 2019”.
  • CEO Story’s “10 Admired Companies to Watch in 2019”.

The Upcoming Steps

Having already established itself as one of the highest-ranked firms in the field of trade remedies in India, TPM has its eyes set on replicating its success globally. The long-term goal for TPM is to expand its outreach by opening its offices in other countries. In the Indian landscape, the organization believes that there is still a need for trade remedial measures to reach every sector of the Indian manufacturing industry. For this, there is a need for generating greater awareness amongst the domestic producers.

Additionally, it is also focused on achieving the same success in other fields such as that of non-tariff barriers, trade policy, and EXIM monitoring and analysis. This would allow it to provide comprehensive solutions to its clients in terms of international trade competition.